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2022-2023 Student Leader Resources

If you were unable to attend in May or August in-person, you can take the makeup orientation online when it's available in Canvas.

This is required for all students and staff members to declare your eligibility as a driver or to declare yourself a "non-driver" 

You must complete this driver certification training every year.


This training is not available to take at this time. This online training will be offered through Canvas and you should receive an email notification once it's available.

  • Email Requests, Content Opportunities, or Ideas to Chris Wada
    • Editorial, Social, Photography, Video, Graphic Design, Advertising, Website, Outreach, & Recruitment


  • Helping Hands Scholarship Application
    • The “Helping Hands Scholarship Fund” was created in honor of Irene Fisher, founding Executive Director of the Bennion Center, and her legacy. Its purpose is to provide a “helping hand” to Bennion Center Student Leaders who are in need of financial support in order to fulfill their community engagement commitments.

      Please note that scholarships range from $50-$500 and limited funding is available. Please ask for what you need. Because our resources are limited and we aim to ensure support is given where it is most impactful, we ask that any student completing the application do so with integrity—authenticity to themselves and their experiences. 

      Applicants are encouraged to take their time to provide honest responses to each of the questions below.  Also, please note that funding for project/program implementation will not be approved.

      In order to be considered, you must be a current Bennion Center student leader who will be enrolled full-time in the semester in which the scholarship is awarded.

  • Exceptional Community Engagement Awards
  • AmeriCorps Education Award



Last Updated: 11/15/22